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What’s behind the success of Rocky Patel cigars?


Rocky Patel is one of the most recognised names in the premium cigar industry and new releases from the brand are eagerly anticipated around the world. Handcrafted in Nicaragua and Honduras, Rocky Patel premium cigars are highly rated, offering beginners and experienced smokers alike, a revered range of handmade cigars to suit all tastes and […]

Cuban cigars on a budget, UK


Cigar smoking doesn’t have to break the bank! Many people assume that the bigger the price tag, the better the quality – however, that’s not always the case when it comes to Cuban cigars especially when you buy cigars online. Of course, there are some great budget friendly Cuban cigars available online here at The […]

H. Upmann Cigars: Some interesting facts


The world of Cuban cigars can be pretty interesting. Have you ever wondered about the background behind your favourite cigar brand? Here’s a summary of interesting facts about the Cuban H. Upmann Cigar brand- some great information to add to your cigar conversation and relay to your cigar smoking friends next time you’re catching up […]

Starting mild – the best cigars for beginners


Starting out on your cigar smoking journey can be rather daunting with the option to buy cigars online in the UK, of different strengths, flavours, shapes and sizes. It is hard to know where to start with such a vast array of decisions to make, so to help make things easier, you can easily buy […]

What makes Cuban Cigars so special?


Cuban cigars are world-famous for being high quality and some of the best cigars on the market.  At tobacconistonline, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of Cuban cigars and our online range is one of the best in the UK.  So why are Cuban cigars so sought after? We explore the reasons behind […]

Everything you need to know about machine-made cigars

machine made cigars

Many cigar smokers have strong opinions about machine-made cigars but they may not know what the key differences are between machine-made and hand-made cigars. Even the experienced cigar enthusiast might be surprised to know the long history of machine-made Cuban cigars and how they came into existence.  What is a Machine-Made Cigar? Machine-made cigars are […]

Interesting facts about Cohiba Cigars


The Cohiba brand has an interesting hi story – here is a summary of facts about this elusive Cuban brand. Look for Shave and Coster in any UK directory; to choose from an exclusive collection of Cohiba cigars. Cohiba was created especially for Fidel Castro  Many Cuban brands were privately owned before the revolution and were […]

Davidoff Cigars from seed to ash

Cigar davidoff

The ten most important factors for producing quality cigars are: Soil Climate Seed Leaf Position Tradition of the farmer curing Fermentation process Aging process Expertise of the manufacturer Storage conditions Both soil and climate can not be influenced by man, but man alone can select the growing area for tobacco. 1-THE SOIL The soil and […]

Havana Cigars: A Smoker’s Guide

havana cigars a smokers guide_cigar smoking

Guide to Havanas SELECTINGExperimenting with Havana brands will introduce you to their different styles of flavour and allow you to establish your preferences. Once familiar with them you can choose the right brand to suit your tastes on any occasion.  When your mind is made up there is another point to remember. If you smoke […]