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Rocky Patel is one of the most recognised names in the premium cigar industry and new releases from the brand are eagerly anticipated around the world. Handcrafted in Nicaragua and Honduras, Rocky Patel premium cigars are highly rated, offering beginners and experienced smokers alike, a revered range of handmade cigars to suit all tastes and budgets. You can buy Rocky Patel cigars online here to try one for yourself.

So what makes Rocky Patel cigars so sought after? 


Rocky Patel cigars are made with the finest quality tobacco and each product goes through some of the most rigorous quality control procedures known within the industry. Every cigar is carefully examined by hand to guarantee that only excellence is made available to purchase. And it’s not just the content of the cigar that is checked, only those cigars that are perfect aesthetically wise too, make it to the shelves. Customers of Rocky Patel cigars know that they are getting a top-quality product for their money


Before Rocky Patel was a cigar maker, he was an avid cigar connoisseur himself.  As a lawyer working for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, he experienced and paid attention to what was being smoked, what was popular and what was sought after. Rocky Patel then spent five years in Honduras, learning about the cigar manufacturing process for himself, arming himself with detailed knowledge of every single facet of the industry and the cigar-making process – from field to barn to rolling table. Combining his knowledge and understanding of the market, with extensive knowledge of the cigar-making process has helped Rocky Patel launch successful cigar lines year after year.   


Rocky Patel is renowned in the industry for being very involved in everything his business does and this undoubtedly feeds into the huge success that the brand has become. His passion for cigars draws customers to both him and his products, helping the brand to outshine the larger corporations that lack the personal touch. He still spends much of his time on the road and adheres to a rigorous schedule of events around the world which gives him the opportunity to meet his customers in person. Rocky Patel cigars are a great brand to get behind as they undoubtedly offer something different from the more traditional premium cigar brands.  

A sample of the best handmade Rocky Patel premium cigars is available here at, alongside other handmade premium cigars such a VegaFina. VegaFina handmade cigars are extraordinarily consistent yet affordable cigars and highly sought after in Europe.

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