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Starting out on your cigar smoking journey can be rather daunting with the option to buy cigars online in the UK, of different strengths, flavours, shapes and sizes. It is hard to know where to start with such a vast array of decisions to make, so to help make things easier, you can easily buy a single cigar online uk. A mild cigar is a good option for novice smokers and there are plenty of affordable, good quality mild cigars on the market. 

As a beginner cigar smoker, it is a good idea to start with something calm and mild because it helps smokers to develop an appreciation for good flavour. A mild cigar won’t overpower the senses like stronger, full-bodied cigars can. Gradually, building up the cigar strength over time will allow you to first appreciate the flavour and aroma of each cigar you try. 

Mild cigars are mild in strength but can still be full of flavour. Flavour is an important aspect of cigar choice so take the time to find out which brands you like the flavour of. Once you have found a few mild cigars that you enjoy and your cigar smoking journey develops, you are likely to want to try more full-bodied cigars. Start with the brands you have enjoyed so far and gradually try new cigars that are medium and eventually even full-bodied in strength until you find your ideal balance of strength and flavour. 

Mild yet best cigars for beginners

H. Upmann and Hoyo de Monterrey offer a range of good quality mild Cuban cigars that are loved by novice and experienced smokers alike. If you want to try New World Cigars, La Invicta Honduran cigars offer a good range of light cigars with great flavour choices. 

Try H. Upmann Propios Cigar (2018 Limited Edition) which is light to medium-bodied, and full of flavour or H. Upmann Magnum 54 which is light in strength with a spicy yet mildly sweet taste.

The Hoyo De Monterrey Du Depute Cigar is an elegant small, light cigar that is perfect for a morning smoke and the Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.1 is light fresh and fruity. 

The La Invicta Honduran Petit Corona Tubed Cigar is light in strength with a mild, spicy and sweet flavour. 

Consider purchasing a few single cigars online of different brands and then once you have found a cigar that you particularly like, buy a box of cigars so that you have your favourite cigar to hand whenever a cigar-smoking opportunity arises.

Cigar smoking is a journey so sit back and take your time when trying new cigars. Enjoy the experience and remember that your preferences and tastes will develop over time.

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