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Villiger Export Pressed Cigars – Pack of 5

A great Havana blend with a Sumatra wrapper. A Swiss machine made cigar using Cuban tobacco that has a truly mass appeal with 500 million units sold annually in over 70 countries. Popular and a great smoke! Considered a shade richer than the Pressed format, both cigars are enjoyed by regular and novice smokers alike. Highly regarded cigars within the category. This is a machine made cigar and does NOT require cutting

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Por Larrañaga Picadores Cigar – Single

The Por Larranaga Picadores was discontinued in the 70’s but now has been re-introduced and is the latest addition to the Por Larranaga regular production line. The new release was re-visited, the ring gauge was increased from 44 to 48 and the band is one that was used in the older days on Por Larranaga’s like the Dunhill Selection No. 32. Medium Strength. Even Burn with good quantity of smoke. Not complex but with some cinnamon, coffee, nutty tastes always with a back note of pepper. Good to take a walk with so perfect for the golf course. Length in Millimetres – 127 Ring Gauge – 48 Strength – Mild to Medium Origin – Cuba

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Peterson 305 Rustic Large

The standard Peterson system pipe made in Ireland with nickel mounts and the famous p-lip. With the hole in the top of the mouthpiece this helps to stop moisture entering the pipe, also there is the goo trap to catch any moisture that does manage to get in. L 5in x H 2in x Dia 1.75in Depth 1.5in x Dia 0.75in Sizes are approximate All Peterson pipes now come with a free Peterson pipe tool. If you would like to add a pack of 100 tapered pipecleaners for £2.95 to this order, please choose from the options below.

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Trinidad Vigia Cigar Single

Trinidad’s newest addition, the Vigía, is the exact opposite of its first cigar, the Fundadores. Rather than being long and slender, this cigar is short and squat. While it maintains Trinidad’s signature pigtail cap, its heavy ring gauge offers an abundant smoke, lush with earthy truffle notes, oakiness and a warm nutty finish. Vigía is named for the watchtowers in the Cuban city of Trinidad erected to observe the sugarcane fields. Length in Millimetres – 110 Ring Gauge – 54 Strength – Medium Origin – Cuba

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Peterson Sherlock Holmes Professor Rusticated Christmas Pipe 2021

A three-quarter bent Billiard pipe with an extra large, extra deep bowl. It is adorned with a warm, tasteful copper band embossed with the famous Sherlock silhouette. It has a black acrylic stem with a fishtail mouthpiece. Made from the best Mediterranean Briar, carefully and expertly crafted, with a craggy rusticated finish. Part of Peterson's 2021 Christmas series. This pipe takes a 9-mm filter. Made in Ireland. Comes in a Peterson presentation box with a branded pipe bag and a complimentary leather pipe stand. Pipe measurements: L. 6¼" x H. 2¼" x Dia. 1⅜" Internal bowl measurements: Depth 2" x Dia. ⅞" (Sizes are approximate) Various pipe cleaners and 9mm filters suitable for this pipe are available - click HERE to choose.

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Chacom Maya Grise 185

A classic straight Billiard pipe with a good sized chamber and a striped acrylic stem with bands of solid black and pearlescent orange and an inlaid brass logo. A smoky grey stain is used on the bowl, while the rim is given a golden stain. The pipe takes the 9-mm filter but is supplied with a reducer to allow it to be used with or without. Fishtail mouthpiece. Made in France. Comes in a Chacom presentation box with a Chacom cloth pouch. Pipe Measurements:- L. 5½" x H 1¾" x Dia. 1⅜" Internal Bowl measurements: Depth 1½" x Diameter ¾" (Sizes are approximate) Various pipe cleaners and 9mm filters suitable for this pipe are available - click HERE to choose.

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Vegueros Mananitas Cigar – Single

The Vegueros Mananitas cigar is a beautifully creamy smoke with distinctive flavours of earth and grass. As you get through the cigar, you will be met with hints of pepper that get heavier throughout. This is a really unique cigar to smoke. The unique size is named after the small leaves, and the first ones to be picked, found at the foot of Cuban tobacco plants. An affordable way to enjoy some of Cuba's finest tobacco. Length in millimetres - 100 Ring Gauge - 46 Strength – Medium to Full Origin – Cuba

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Trinidad Coloniales Cigar Box of 24

The Trinidad Coloniales has to be one of the most refined and well balanced cigars on the market. Very smooth and creamy with hints of coffee, cedar and light earth flavour. The Trinidad Coloniales reminds us of a Cohiba Siglo II but with a bit more subtlety. Length in Millimetres – 132 Ring Gauge – 44 Strength – Medium Origin – Cuba

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