Everything you need to know about machine-made cigars

machine made cigars

Many cigar smokers have strong opinions about machine-made cigars but they may not know what the key differences are between machine-made and hand-made cigars. Even the experienced cigar enthusiast might be surprised to know the long history of machine-made Cuban cigars and how they came into existence.  What is a Machine-Made Cigar? Machine-made cigars are […]

Interesting facts about Cohiba Cigars


The Cohiba brand has an interesting history – here is a summary of facts about this elusive Cuban brand.  Cohiba was created especially for Fidel Castro  Many Cuban brands were privately owned before the revolution and were subsequently nationalised. Cohiba however, was only created after the revolution in 1966, especially for Fidel Castro who fell […]

How to age pipe tobacco


Many drinks are aged to bring out their best flavours, including whiskey and wine, but the ageing of tobacco is less universal and it is in fact a topic that tobacco users often disagree about.  Tobacco is a plant after all, with some smokers preferring that it is consumed fresh. On the other hand, there […]

Snuff Types And How To Use Them

Snuff Smoking

Snuff is a form of finely powdered tobacco, which is sniffed directly into the nostrils. Formerly used mainly by the aristocracy of England, it is enjoying something of a revival today, and we are pleased to introduce you to its pleasure. A little perseverance may be required to acquire the habit but the stimulating effect, […]

Davidoff Cigars from seed to ash

Cigar davidoff

The ten most important factors for producing quality cigars are: Soil Climate Seed Leaf Position Tradition of the farmer curing Fermentation process Aging process Expertise of the manufacturer Storage conditions Both soil and climate can not be influenced by man, but man alone can select the growing area for tobacco. 1-THE SOIL The soil and […]

Havana Cigars: A Smoker’s Guide

havana cigars a smokers guide_cigar smoking

Guide to Havanas SELECTINGExperimenting with Havana brands will introduce you to their different styles of flavour and allow you to establish your preferences. Once familiar with them you can choose the right brand to suit your tastes on any occasion.  When your mind is made up there is another point to remember. If you smoke […]

Guide to pipe smoking

The pipe smoker needs to try out a good range of tobaccos in the early stages. Many potential pipe smokers have given up to quickly through a combination of wrong tobacco, and not appreciating that the experience during the first few times you smoke a new pipe is nothing like the real flavour which the […]