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Cigar smoking doesn’t have to break the bank! Many people assume that the bigger the price tag, the better the quality – however, that’s not always the case when it comes to Cuban cigars especially when you buy cigars online. Of course, there are some great budget friendly Cuban cigars available online here at The Tobacconist.

 The following selection of Cuban cigars are ideal for those just starting out on their cigar smoking journey and for those wanting some affordable options to add to their growing cigar collection. 

  • Montecristo No.4 Cigar

This popular and iconic cigar is surprisingly affordable. It is one of those cigars that needs to be tried by all cigar smokers at some point in time, so add it to your collection now and it could become one of your firm favourites. Check out one of our collection of montecristo cigars

  • Romeo y Julieta Petit Corona Cigar 

This is Romeo y Julieta’s most popular sized cigar and it is nicely priced too!  This romeo y julieta petit corona cigar is a lovely mellow, well balanced option that will appeal to all.

  • Partagas Shorts Cigar

These short and sweet cigars have plenty of personality and are a great low cost option to enjoy when you have a 30 minute window. Buy now a few to keep handy.

  • Bolivar Petit Corona Cigar

Bolivars are generally on the stronger side although this version of petit corona cigar is slightly milder but it will still provide you with a powerful and flavour-filled smoke. Well worth the budget friendly price.

  • Ramon Allones Small Club Corona Cigar 

This affordable petit corona is full of character and flavour and ages perfectly. Popular with aficionados, the small club corona cigar are the perfect addition to a cigar collection, available at a great price too.

There you have it. A great selection of affordable cigars for you to try. You might even have some left over cash to pair your cigars with your favourite drink.

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