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Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel offers an impressive portfolio of more than 100 cigar lines, with latest top-rated cigars regularly launched. As Rocky says,” Our cigars are consistent.” Every cigar look, the aroma, distinct wrapper shades and divine combination of blends makes better flavours!

With annual increase in sales worldwide, the master blender continues to produce exciting new production throughout the USA. He started his Cigar journey in early 1992 with Indian Tabac Cigars Co. and later in 2006 discontinuing the former, renaming it to the “Rocky Patel Premium cigars”, saw an immense growth in popularity.

He offers an impressive line of over 90-100 cigars, each of which are highly rated and have received top review from many expert aficionados.  A few of his most appreciated cigars being Vintage series especially the Vintage 1990, Grand Reserve, and the ALR – Aged Limited Rare among the latest.