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The world of Cuban cigars can be pretty interesting. Have you ever wondered about the background behind your favourite cigar brand? Here’s a summary of interesting facts about the Cuban H. Upmann Cigar brand- some great information to add to your cigar conversation and relay to your cigar smoking friends next time you’re catching up over a favourite cigar. 

  • H. Upmann is one of the oldest brands in the cigar industry. 

It was founded in 1844 by the legendary Herman Upmann and family, who arrived in the new world as a banker but soon developed a keen interest in cigars. It is thought to have started as a hobby but the brand’s success meant the brand has exceeded and outlasted most other cigar brands from its time. 

  • The brand’s founder Herman Upmann invented the humidification process

Herman Upmann came up with the idea of presenting his Cuban cigars to customers in cedar lined boxes to preserve the humidity and enhance the cigar’s flavour. This means he effectively invented the humidification system that we know today. 

  • The failure of H. Upmann Cigars

The brand actually went under in the late 1800s due to it being privately owned and financially tied to the H. Upmann bank.

  • Ownership of the brand has changed several times. 

Fortunately, after the brand’s collapse, a British firm, J. Frankau & Co purchased the brand name and continued production until 1935 when it changed hands again to Menendez Garcia y Cia Co. With the new communist government posing a threat to private firms in the country, production was moved to the Canary Islands and later to the Dominican Republic. Castro then nationalised the H. Upmann brand in Cuba.

  • Non-Cuban H.Upmanns are still produced in the Dominican Republic today

Production continues there until this day, for the American market. The non-Cuban alternatives are often overlooked throughout the rest of the world, however.

And finally, 

  • H. Upmann was the preferred cigar brand of President JFK

The Petit Upmann was the President’s favourite cigar from the collection and after signing the Cuban Embargo, he returned home with over 1200 cigars. 

After taking the time to read up on H. Upmann, it’s time to try!  Here’s our pick of Upmann cigars.

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