Gawith Hoggarth New Prince Loose Pipe Tobacco


Based mainly on gold leaf and a few darker flue cured strands, and topped off with a Maple and Vanilla topping, this smells good enough eat. Cut to a little thicker than a shag cut, it is easy to pack and even easier to light. Easy burning, very sweet and very tasty to smoke, not hot or harsh like most flavoured Gold Virginia blends. Complete with a fragrant room note, this will turn heads and please most. Burns surprising cool and smooth for a tobacco this style. A hidden gem in the Gawith Hoggarth collection.
Origin – Kendal, England

Blend – Virginia
Casings – Maple & Vanilla
Cut – Shag/Ribbon

Strength – Mild to Medium
Taste – Mild to Medium
Added Flavours – Mild to Medium

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