Gawith Hoggarth Caribean C. (Coconut) Loose Pipe Tobacco


Built on a classic American style base of double fermented Black Cavendish with Gold Leaf Virginia’s and a touch of Burley. A sweet caramel source is added along with some very tangy Coconut, the caramel gives this blend a creamy and highly aromatic flavour.
The smoke is smooth and very easy. Not really producing much in the way of nicotine, makes this a great tobacco for those new to tobacco or for someone who doesn’t want a big nicotine hit. With casings this sweet and rich, the room note is stunning and will please most around the smoker.

Blend – Black Cavendish, Virginia & Burley
Casings – Coconut & Caramel
Cut – Ribbon

Strength – Mild to Medium
Taste – Mild to Medium
Added Flavours – Medium

Origin – Kendal, England

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