La Paz Cigarillos

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A distinctive cigarillos with Java wrapper and binder made out of 100% pure tobacco. The La Paz are machine rolled into a full bodied cigar revealing rich aroma, exactly similar to what you expect from Wilde Cigars.

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La Paz Cigarillos

La Paz Wilde cigars have a distinctive feathered end, a unique characteristic that not only reveals its wilde character, but also ensures the full, rich aroma is released the moment you light it. A distinctive cigarillos with Java wrapper and binder. The wilde end reveals 100% pure tobacco in robust shades of brown directly from the plantation. This distinctive stogie exhibits full rich flavour. An exquisite alternative to this cigar is Guantanamera Puritos Cigar – Pack of 5 and Villiger Export Round Cigars – Pack of 5.

Cigar Details:

  • Length – 4 inches
  • Ring gauge – 23

1 review for La Paz Cigarillos

  1. Caleb George

    Been a fan of this cigar for years. Shame, they only seem to sell these and the la paz mini cigars in the uk. Storing them at 70RH in a humidor before smoking them does exhibits even more of it’s proper characteristics. The only negative point is the roll is slightly rough at times which amazes me most of the time. Despite this, the the burn is excellent and subtle. The La Paz burns for a short while, but it is accompanied by a thick smoke with every puff that emits sweet and flavourful notes. They are well suited to a nice pint of real beer or two, but due to it’s size, one is never enough.

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