Gawith Hoggarth Balkan Flake Loose Pipe Tobacco


A tobacco for those who love Latakia in high volumes. The jet black flake is made up from Virginia and Cypriot Latakia, with no other Orientals. The tobaccos are pressed and cooked, resulting in a jet black plug. The cooking process removes the hot and bitey nature of Virginia, while still retaining some of the natural sweetness. The flakes are cut to the usual Gawith Hoggarth size and break down with ease. Thanks to the cool texture of Latakia, this tobacco will still be reasonably cool to smoke if broken down finely.
The smoke might not be overly strong on the nicotine, but the flavour more than makes up for that.

Blend – Virginia & Latakia
Casings – None
Cut – Flake

Strength – Medium
Taste – Medium

Origin – Kendal, England

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