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Handrolling A/K Tobacco
Please Read !

Due to the legislation and the implementation of TPD2, flavoured tobacco will no longer be legal after the end of May.
There is work around that will still allow  you to enjoy the brands. TPD2 bands the sale of flavoured tobacco but not the sale of the tobacco flavourings, which allow you to buy these in small bottles of flavoured tobacco yourself at home. This can be a benefit to the consumer as it would allow you to add more or less flavouring according to your taste.
Some of the flavours are not currently available, however more are on the way, so please check back regularly.
If you normally ordered A/K Golden (flavour), please buy it along with a tobacco flavouring you desire. If you normally order the A/K flavour, then A/K Mixed is the same tobacco without any flavouring added to it. The new flavourings can also be added to any tobacco you like. so you may also try out A/K Dark for a full strength smoke. Find out more about the new blends including A/K Turkish, A/K Perique, A/K Georgia or the A/K Virginia.