Gawith Hoggarth Perique Loose Pipe Tobacco 25g


A full flavoured spicy tobacco with a slow burn rate.

Perique is a bit of a luxury. It adds a totally unique character to any blend that cannot be equalled by any other leaf but it comes at a price so it is not used in abundance.
Perique is a rare American tobacco, produced in Louisiana by fermenting the tobacco in cake form under pressure in hollowed tree trunks over many days. This long fermentation produces a very strong flavour and allows infusion of natural spicy flavours from the heavily seasoned trunks. The Perique is primarily sold as a blending tobacco as the flavour is too rich on its own but it can be smoked pure for the lovers of rich strong tobaccos.

Blend – Perique
Casings – None
Cut – Ribbon

Strength – Strong
Taste – Full

Price quoted for 25g