Gawith Hoggarth Dark (Unscented) Flake Loose Pipe Tobacco 25g


A powerful and full flavoured flake tobacco, which has always been popular. Made from equal part of Malawi Dark Fired and Indian Dark Air Cured, this tobacco is cold pressed for over a week. The pressed plug is then sliced into flakes. The resulting black tobacco has a deep and earthy aroma, with rich and pungent smoky smell. It is packed full of nicotine and all the complex flavours you would expect – from the leathery, smoky, cigar like flavours of the fire cured, to the earthy, woody and spice from the dark air cured.
Origin – Kendal, England

Blend – Virginia & Burley
Casings – None
Cut – Flake

Strength – Strong
Taste – Full

Price quoted for 25g